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Tips to Prevent Scratches From Your Vinyl Flooring

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

No matter if you just purchased a new house or renovated your existing house. The most important thing before moving into the new house is to get your floors clean and protect your floor.

Why does your vinyl floor get scratched so easily?

Scratches could be developed from our daily activities such as pet claws, heavy furniture being moved, and kids dragging their toys. Whenever we walk into our house, especially when we just come back from outside, our feet or shoes will bring in some dust particles which will scratch unintentionally on our floors and cause scratches. The scratch damage level depends on the vinyl quality and material that you installed.

There are a few simple ways to prevent damage to the vinyl floor and keep your floor scratch-free.


Doormat is a good way to keep your vinyl floors damage-free. Placing a doormat at the entrance of your room with a vinyl floor can prevent the outside dirt and shaping objects such as sand, dust, and grit from entering the room.

Add furniture pads under your furniture

When moving your furniture, you shouldn’t drag your furniture on the floor surface as this will cause scratches on the floor. Adding a small furniture pad to your furniture can help to prevent scratching on the vinyl floors.

Daily Cleaning

Don't underestimate the power of daily cleaning. Regular cleaning of your floors can effectively remove those small particles and granular objects from your vinyl floors such as small stones and debris particles. These granular objects can cause scratches on your floor and damage the appearance of your floor.

G+ Ultra Clean & G+ Ultra Shield

GiantWorks launches these two advanced and eco-friendly technologies to deep clean and protects your floors from damage and scratches. Especially when you just installed your vinyl floorings, you should deep clean and apply a shield on your vinyl floors before placing the furniture on the floor.

Nowadays, many households in Singapore choose to install vinyl flooring in their homes because of its beautiful appearance and ease of cleaning. However, a scratched floor will no longer beauty and hygienic as previously. Some bacteria and mold can grow in the crevices of scratches. If you have children or pets in your home, these bacteria are likely to affect their health and possibly cause allergic reactions.

With GiantWorks, we can protect your family's health with a comprehensive deep floor cleaning service.

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