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GiantWorks' Story

“Home is the heart is” – Elvis Presley

A home is a safe haven and a comfort zone. A place where family, friends and pets build memories and share happiness together. 

Welcome to GiantWorks! We are here to enhance your living and working environment. As a company, we specialize in Deep Cleaning, Power Scrubbing and Protective Coating for your vinyl flooring. 

Vinyl Resilient Flooring has been the most popular floor choice among the new house owners in Singapore recent years, due to their low-priced and various design selections. However, do you know that Dirt and Micro-Bacteria gets trapped on your vinyl flooring especially in between the joints, causing it to decolor and harmful environment for your children👶 and pet🐕.

For example:

1.    After renovation, sawdust and other small debris get trapped in the between the joints of your vinyl flooring which cannot be removed by tradition vacuum and mopping. 

2.    After installing vinyl flooring for a few months, Micro-bacteria may start to grow if the vinyl floor joints are not professionally cleaned. 

Homeowners are unware of these problems might affect the health of their newborn or pets!


Don't worry, we're here today to help you to clean and protect your vinyl floor.

Please feel welcome to contact our team now at or on 8800 0775. We are happy to provide a free onsite consultation and free quote for every enquiry.

Our Mission

eco-friendly and safe-floor cleaning service

GiantWorks is a floor protection specialist with a mission to improve living standards by enabling a safe and clean living environment for all Singaporean.

Our mission is to provide you with a clean and hygienic vinyl floor that is well maintained, thus a healthy living and working space. 

Quality Service

Hygienic environment

Well-trained Staffs

On-Site Estimation-floor cleaning service


On-Site Estimation

Free on-site estimation service to provide more accurate rate and best price to fit our customer's requirements

G+ Ultra Clean-floor cleaning service


G+ Ultra Clean

Adopt our ultra-modern floor polishing machine to remove the embedded dust, stains, and scratches on the vinyl surfaces.

G+ Ultra Shield-floor cleaning & coating service


G+ Ultra Shield

Add an extra protective layer to enhance the waterproofing and protect the actual surface of the vinyl floor from dirt and damage.

Healthy Floor-floor cleaning service


Healthy Floor

Congrats! Your vinyl floor has been cleaned and protected.

Enhance the durability of your vinyl floor.
Talk to us today!

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